Making It Simple

With so much music out there to listen to, and under so many different artist names and projects this site is made to make it easier to listen.

Bear Cole

My Artist Names

I am just one person, but I have released music under all of these names. This doesn't include countless bands, groups, and projects I have made music for as well. I have gone by so many names to help to organize my extremely eclectic range. Each Artist Name helps me to express specific sounds, genres, and styles.

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Here are some links to my most recent releases to help you enjoy them however you prefer.

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My Music

Here are SOME of my releases by artist. This site links to 1st Drop Music which is where I share music I have created and some amazing music by other 1st Drop artists. Go visit for tons more music, singles, and special projects!

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More Services

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Bear Cole

Other Projects

I wanted to bring attention to a few projects I am very involved in. I help with songwriting, production, and more. Please support these artists / projects.

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Bread Crumbs

Here is some news and bread crumbs to help you experience more of my art and music in new and different ways.

Alabaster Lyric Videos Bear Cole
Alabaster Lyric Videos Bear Cole

Listen Now!

This site has one purpose, to help to organize my music for you and help you get to what you want to hear quickly.

Music Production

I have produced hundreds of songs for myself and many other artists. I love combining genres, and write and perform on many of my songs as well.

MC & Songwriter

I don't just make beats, I love to write songs. I write and perform as an MC and Singer- Songwriter under multiple names and in genres from Rap to Country to Alternative Rock.

DJ / Entertainer

I have been a DJ for decades. I post mixes online and perform at everything from Clubs and Concerts to Corporate Events and Weddings.

Sound Designer / Engineer

After graduating from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences and working multiple roles in live and studio audio production I have pushed myself to be the best Recording Engineer and Sound Designer I can be.

Listening Means More Than Anything

I don't make music to sell it, or get famous. I work endless hours just to express myself and stay creative. All I need from you is to listen and hopefully enjoy some of my work. If you do please share it with a friend or through a post.

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